New Civil Air Patrol squadron forming in Livermore

Mike Carter will be commander of a new CAP squadron, located at the Livermore airport. Meetings will be Wednesdays at 7pm, and all members of Tracy Airport Association are welcome! There are many flying and non-flying activities, and the new unit is looking for individuals who enjoy aviation and search and rescue.

The new squadron will also have a Cadet Flight at the Byron airport. To check out the Civil Air Patrol program, for both cadets and senior members, visit:

Mike Carter will be at this month's meeting to entertain questions.

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Chinese Connection

Tracy airport is working with to bring Chinese pilot students in for training. They are expecting around 200 students per year. Skyview expects to file a report with city council with ideas for increasing revenue at the airport. The Chinese training arrangement stands t bring in around $19M, taxes from which will benefit the city of Tracy. One of the goals is to sell 700k of fuel per year. To do that, they need to sell 1.3M gallons of fuel. The fuel situation at the airport needs to be improved, especially in the form of fuel trucks to enable servicing more commercial aircraft.

There are also at least 3 companies who are interested in building corporate hangars. Support infrastructure is required (water, electricity, Internet, etc) in order to make the airport more attractive to these businesses. Nothing is specifically mentioned in the budget for these sorts of infrastructure improvements. Richard is looking to work with the Transportation Commission to bring these issues to council.

TAC Notes

  • Reviewing budget priorities
  • Lighting regulators should be here in 8-12 weeks
  • RFPs for PAPI and AWOS should be submitted within 2 weeks
  • Construction start for remainder of surfacing targeted for April
  • Trina mentioned passing out flyers for Young Eagles
  • George mentioned the beacon being out again, asked about changing the bulb type to extend life. Nancy asked the utility folks and the LEDs would change the color too much, so they're not allowed. George asked for a power audit in case there is some load imbalance.
  • George asked about tetrahedron lights. Ed and Nancy are still working on the purchase order as the parts come from Canada.
  • George also requested Ralph be full time or that a second person–maybe a volunteer–should be considered.
  • Richard asked about people using city equipment when Ralph can't.


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TAC notes, Nov. 10, 2016

The commission will look into moving the July 4th fireworks event to the airport this year. Currently it's a revenue-producing activity for the CoC. Mike Carter and Dan Silva will spearhead the subcommittee.

Airport projects:

The city has received approval from the FAA to replace the regulators for airport lighting. The change order has come in from the contractor, so work should start soon.

Apron paving will begin in the spring.

PAPI light will go on next grant process. Bid will be put out next year.

There was no TAC meeting in October.

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TAC meeting notes – 9 Sep 16

Contract and money awarded for "Phase 3" of the airport surface project. Construction starting on apron at the end of this month, and to be completed within 60 days.

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TAC Notes, Aug 11, 2016

The latest FAA grant has been stalled due to staff turnover at the FAA. This will probably delay the next phases of the resurface project to April.

Tetrahedron lighting: The city has been engaging potential solutions, and should be making progress in the next couple months.

Lighting: City's aware of the issue and is working with the FAA to get them to pay to get new regulators put in for the lights (the current regulators are borrowed, and aren't big enough for the entire lighting system on the runway). With the new staff, the city is going back through the process of explaining the needs.

Fuel repairs: The company is ready to start. City's waiting on permit reviews.

Airport day brought in around 2000 people. More than 100 tethered balloon rides and more than 40 airplanes showed. Next event is August 20, 10a-3p.

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TAC meeting notes, June 9 2016

Here are the notes from the June 9th meeting...

  1. The Fuel tank repair project bid has been rewarded to Jim's Environmental out of Concord. Work should start shortly.
  2. Apron project was announced and received 2 bids, both of which have come in under the City Engineer's estimate, so Ed is trying to get both this project and the lighting project (wiring for PAPIs)
  3. Tetrahedron lighting project was not approved by FAA.
  4. AWOS work will most likely move to next fiscal year due to FAA's funding situation. According to Nancy, we have one of the two oldest AWOS installations in the country!
  5. Beacon is fixed. Runway light regulators are in progress.
  6. Nancy has been putting together a formal maintenance list for the airport.
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TAC meeting notes

Here are the notes from the meeting:

  1. Change order submitted to FAA for the next phase of the runway project (tarmac). The expectation is that if a grant is awarded, about 2/3 of the aprons should be started this summer/fall.
  2. Fuel repairs: a bid has been selected and passed on to council for approval. The cost is above the original limit, but since only one bid was submitted, that bid will be passed on for award.
  3. AWOS: The city has petitioned the FAA for a new AWOS. The FAA appears to have  deferred that request until next year, however the city is pressing to get something actioned for this year.
  4. Tomorrow (Friday, April 15) is an Airport Volunteer day! Contact Nancy Earhart for more information!
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TAC meeting notes, February 11, 2016

General Notes

  • Ed Lovell introduced the new director of Parks and Rec: Andre Pichly. He has visited both airports and is interested in seeing how the airport ties in to the community.

City seeks feedback on Alternative Park-n-Ride locations

  • The Park-n-Ride lot near the mall is destined to be closed to make way for commerical real estate ventures. The city is looking for feedback from the public. You can participate in a survey to contribute your comments at: Park-n-Ride Survey

Review of changes to Tracy Municipal Code 2.28 (airport lease).

  • Due to late reception of the change doc, the committee will table it's recommendation until next meeting, and instead entertained comments from the audience. Dave passed out another round of revisions and went over each point.

Other Airport News

  • Capital improvement projects which are being considered:

Bathroom Installation – South Hangar Area

Installation of a bathroom in the south hangar area of the Tracy Municipal Airport


Airport Fund

Hangar Sprinkler Design

Design of a sprinkler installation project for the City owned hangars


Airport Fund

Install ADA Access Door on FBO Building

Installation of a push button ADA accessible door at the FBO building at the airport


Airport Fund/ CDBG

Airport Improvement Items as Specified by City Council:

By Ed Lovell



Current Status:

Next Steps:


Install Solar Lights on the Tetrahedron

Price quote has been received by the contractor.

 Installation of lighting.


Taxiway Reflectors or Lights



Shorten 3 and Remove 1 Obstruction light

Light poles have been removed.

 Shorten light poles and reinstall.


Seal Coat on Runways and Taxiways*

*See below for current project action steps

  •   Grant was awarded by the FAA for Phases 1 & 2.
  •   Construction contract wasawarded on 11/5/14.
  •   Reconstruction of runway 8-26. (COMPLETE)
  •   Reconstruction of runway 12-30 (COMPLETE)


Removal of Aligned Taxiway



Update Airport Rules and Regulations

In process. Revisions being made based on discussion at September TAC meeting.

  •   Review by TAC Subcommittee.
  •   Schedule to go to City Council.

Additional Questions:

  • Rich asked about details on re-publishing the RFP for the fuel island repairs. Ed explained that first the current RFP must be rejected by city council, then the RFP can be re-published.
  • Trina asked about re-calibration of PAPIs. Ed has filed the request with the FAA and we're waiting for them to respond.
  • Mike sponsored review of the development of 144 apartment buildings within the airport safety zone.
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KTCY Quarterly newsletter

[forwarded from Nancy's email[

Hello Tracy Flyers!

I hope some of you are able to enjoy the Superbowl 50 festivities happening around the Bay Area! Have a fun and safe Superbowl 50 weekend… Go Team!! Attached is the Spring Quarterly Newsletter…Enjoy!

Nancy Ann Earhart
Airport Coordinator
Tracy Municipal Airport (KTCY)

KTCY Quarterly Newsletter Spring 2016

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TAC meeting notes

The TAC meeting was called to order at 7:02pm on January 14, 2016. George and Trina attended the meeting (thanks you two!).


  • Parks and Recreation department is being reinstated, and the airports will once again fall under their jurisdiction. The director is a new employee, and will probably show up at the TAC meetings in the future.
  • A drone workshop at the airport was recommended, mostly to provide regulations familiarization.
  • I asked Ed for an update on the proposed rule changes. He's working on revisions and said he'd have an updated copy out to the airport association by the next TAC meeting.
  • I asked about the propose Edgewood apartment plan, and Ed isn't aware of what's going on with it and suggested contacting the Development Services dept (831-6400) to see if we can get details on the plan and it's impact.
  • Nancy is going to be working more on marketing to keep our hangars full. She will be taking the opportunity to repair and upgrade the empty hangars. She's asking that if you have a hangar that needs some work, let Nancy know.
  • Discussion around fuel prices and what the impact has been. Nancy has noted that she's noticed an increase in traffic and fuel purchases.
  • Applications submitted to FAA for next phase of pavement construction, and for replacement of the AWOS. Currently waiting to hear back from FAA.
  • VASI on R30 slated to be replaced with a PAPI. Also, PAPIs are approved for all the other runways.
  • Estimates for tetrahedron lights are out, and it'll either be funded by DOT or FAA.
  • RFP for fuel system closes on 1/25. Posted on the city's web site.
  • Mike will be looking into a change of venue for the July 4th fireworks event.
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