TCY based plane first lo land on new runway 26!

image17th July 2015, Tracy, CA!

Despite a few aircraft circling in the area, potential contenders for the first landing on the new TCY runway 26, a home based aircraft was able to lay down the first rubber! Wanting to beat the inbound Stockton and Reid Hillview aircraft, Steve and Andrea jumped into their Grumman Cheetah and completed a quick takeoff and landing, securing the first landing for a TCY based aircraft. "Ha! They were just too slow to check the revised NOTAMs and take advantage of the brand new pavement", said Steve!!

So, who will be the first to land on runway 30 when that opens in a few months? Will it be Dave & Trina? Gary? Jeff? Julius & Deanna? A Skyview plane? Or... a foreigner!!! Time will tell.. keep an eye on those NOTAMs!




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