TAC meeting notes

The TAC meeting was called to order at 7:02pm on January 14, 2016. George and Trina attended the meeting (thanks you two!).


  • Parks and Recreation department is being reinstated, and the airports will once again fall under their jurisdiction. The director is a new employee, and will probably show up at the TAC meetings in the future.
  • A drone workshop at the airport was recommended, mostly to provide regulations familiarization.
  • I asked Ed for an update on the proposed rule changes. He's working on revisions and said he'd have an updated copy out to the airport association by the next TAC meeting.
  • I asked about the propose Edgewood apartment plan, and Ed isn't aware of what's going on with it and suggested contacting the Development Services dept (831-6400) to see if we can get details on the plan and it's impact.
  • Nancy is going to be working more on marketing to keep our hangars full. She will be taking the opportunity to repair and upgrade the empty hangars. She's asking that if you have a hangar that needs some work, let Nancy know.
  • Discussion around fuel prices and what the impact has been. Nancy has noted that she's noticed an increase in traffic and fuel purchases.
  • Applications submitted to FAA for next phase of pavement construction, and for replacement of the AWOS. Currently waiting to hear back from FAA.
  • VASI on R30 slated to be replaced with a PAPI. Also, PAPIs are approved for all the other runways.
  • Estimates for tetrahedron lights are out, and it'll either be funded by DOT or FAA.
  • RFP for fuel system closes on 1/25. Posted on the city's web site.
  • Mike will be looking into a change of venue for the July 4th fireworks event.
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