TAC meeting notes, June 9 2016

Here are the notes from the June 9th meeting...

  1. The Fuel tank repair project bid has been rewarded to Jim's Environmental out of Concord. Work should start shortly.
  2. Apron project was announced and received 2 bids, both of which have come in under the City Engineer's estimate, so Ed is trying to get both this project and the lighting project (wiring for PAPIs)
  3. Tetrahedron lighting project was not approved by FAA.
  4. AWOS work will most likely move to next fiscal year due to FAA's funding situation. According to Nancy, we have one of the two oldest AWOS installations in the country!
  5. Beacon is fixed. Runway light regulators are in progress.
  6. Nancy has been putting together a formal maintenance list for the airport.
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