TAC Notes, Aug 11, 2016

The latest FAA grant has been stalled due to staff turnover at the FAA. This will probably delay the next phases of the resurface project to April.

Tetrahedron lighting: The city has been engaging potential solutions, and should be making progress in the next couple months.

Lighting: City's aware of the issue and is working with the FAA to get them to pay to get new regulators put in for the lights (the current regulators are borrowed, and aren't big enough for the entire lighting system on the runway). With the new staff, the city is going back through the process of explaining the needs.

Fuel repairs: The company is ready to start. City's waiting on permit reviews.

Airport day brought in around 2000 people. More than 100 tethered balloon rides and more than 40 airplanes showed. Next event is August 20, 10a-3p.

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