Chinese Connection

Tracy airport is working with to bring Chinese pilot students in for training. They are expecting around 200 students per year. Skyview expects to file a report with city council with ideas for increasing revenue at the airport. The Chinese training arrangement stands t bring in around $19M, taxes from which will benefit the city of Tracy. One of the goals is to sell 700k of fuel per year. To do that, they need to sell 1.3M gallons of fuel. The fuel situation at the airport needs to be improved, especially in the form of fuel trucks to enable servicing more commercial aircraft.

There are also at least 3 companies who are interested in building corporate hangars. Support infrastructure is required (water, electricity, Internet, etc) in order to make the airport more attractive to these businesses. Nothing is specifically mentioned in the budget for these sorts of infrastructure improvements. Richard is looking to work with the Transportation Commission to bring these issues to council.

TAC Notes

  • Reviewing budget priorities
  • Lighting regulators should be here in 8-12 weeks
  • RFPs for PAPI and AWOS should be submitted within 2 weeks
  • Construction start for remainder of surfacing targeted for April
  • Trina mentioned passing out flyers for Young Eagles
  • George mentioned the beacon being out again, asked about changing the bulb type to extend life. Nancy asked the utility folks and the LEDs would change the color too much, so they're not allowed. George asked for a power audit in case there is some load imbalance.
  • George asked about tetrahedron lights. Ed and Nancy are still working on the purchase order as the parts come from Canada.
  • George also requested Ralph be full time or that a second person–maybe a volunteer–should be considered.
  • Richard asked about people using city equipment when Ralph can't.


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