100 UAV light show

I know this may look really geeky at first, but watch it anyhow!

This was a coordinated UAV flight, at night, at an airport, and set to the music of a live orchestra. Although it's basically advertising for Intel, the idea is quite amazing. Wouldn't it be an amazing draw to offer a summer night concert with "fireworks" being illuminated drones? Sure, probably too much to pull off currently (where would we find the other 99 UAVs? :), but it's still an amazing exhibit of technology!

Drone world record flight at airport

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Remember KTCY for Super Bowl!

41g0q1MtP0L._SY300_Plan on flying in to catch the Super bowl? Tracy airport is RIGHT NEXT to the ACE train, which will take you directly to Levi Stadium! We have PLENTY of parking for planes and a NEWLY-PAVED Runway! Don't forget to consider Tracy airport!

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And now, a message from our Airport Coordinator

Hello Tracy Flyers!

Thank you so much for the pilots who participated at the Transportation Advisory Commission meeting last week for your suggestions and remarks regarding the proposed rules and regulations of the airport. Your input is very important!

*  A reminder;  the weekly Runway Construction Meeting in the Airport Operations Office is scheduled for tomorrow 9/17 at 1030 Local Time.

*  Also here is a list of the NOTAMS for Thursday 9/17 at KTCY:

 9/17/2015 from 0800 to 1700 Local Time

  • Runway 12/30 Open
  • Taxiway “B”,”C”,”D” Open
  • Runway 8/26 Closed 
  • Taxiway “A” Closed 
  • Taxiway “B” ClosedNorth of Taxiway “A” 
  • Runway 30 VASI out of Service 
  • Runway 12 PAPI out of Service 

Note: This NOTAM is for tomorrow only, then it reverts back.

Reminder: PAPI’s for 8/26 remain to be out of Service at this time.

Thank You for your continued support!

Blue Skies,
Nancy Earhart

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Message from Nancy, Tracy Aiport Coordinator:

Hello Tracy Flyers!

Just sending a reminder that there are only a few more weekly Thursday meetings you can still attend on the construction of the Runways before the proposed completion date of 9/25. The next meeting will be held tomorrow Thursday morning 9/10 @ 10:30 AM in the Operations Office at TCY. You might have questions about the PAPI’s, the lights for the Tetrahedron, noise abatement signs or why taxiway “D” was moved. All these questions are good ones and can be answered by the Engineers, so plan to attend if your able!

Also Thursday night 9/10 @ 7:00PM is the Transportation Advisory Commission Meeting in the Transit Building downtown Tracy for those interested in the process of the updated Rules and Regulations of the Tracy and New Jerusalem airports.  I have recently learned the current rules have not been updated for more than 50 years!  So please come out and bring your support and/or suggestions.

Hope to see you there! Until then stay cool and hydrated J


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Call for Photos

apertureCall for photos! We'd like to see more aerial pictures of the progress of the runways. Take a couple pictures (safely) as you buzz by the field and send them to mike@tracyaa.org!

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Need help for Young Eagles

The Young Eagles event on September 26 is in need of volunteers! It is being held in Turlock. If you'd like to help out, please contact Trina if you'd like to volunteer or would like more information.

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NEW! Updated construction plan

Please review the attached plan, which was provided by Nancy:

Tracy Closure Plan Rev 7-30-15

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TCY based plane first lo land on new runway 26!

image17th July 2015, Tracy, CA!

Despite a few aircraft circling in the area, potential contenders for the first landing on the new TCY runway 26, a home based aircraft was able to lay down the first rubber! Wanting to beat the inbound Stockton and Reid Hillview aircraft, Steve and Andrea jumped into their Grumman Cheetah and completed a quick takeoff and landing, securing the first landing for a TCY based aircraft. "Ha! They were just too slow to check the revised NOTAMs and take advantage of the brand new pavement", said Steve!!

So, who will be the first to land on runway 30 when that opens in a few months? Will it be Dave & Trina? Gary? Jeff? Julius & Deanna? A Skyview plane? Or... a foreigner!!! Time will tell.. keep an eye on those NOTAMs!




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Latest Airport closure update

Here is the latest update, provided by Nancy.

Please review!

Tracy Closure Plan - Revised 6-28-15

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TCY Tailwinds BBQ Flyer!

Here is the flyer that was distributed (by air mail!) to several local airports recently!

TCY Tailwinds BBQ Flyer!

TCY Tailwinds BBQ Flyer!

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